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"door within a dream" coming august, 2nd 2024. lp available for pre-order here



Much like life itself, the music of Lyle de Vitry comes in cycles. With his intricate, ambient fingerpicking guitar style and suede-soft baritone voice, de Vitry mesmerizes audiences into meditative serenity. Immersed in rich and nuanced harmonic composition, listeners are gently drawn into the here and now. Effortlessly moving between unity and dissonance, voice and instrumentation, rhythm and melody, de Vitry seamlessly integrates the comfort of folk music with the spine-shivering emotional release and intentionality of classical compositions. In so doing, he manages to create a sound as dynamic and honest as the ocean’s eternally flowing tides or the planet’s ever-changing seasons. 

    Lyle de Vitry is an acclaimed songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In 2023, he was selected as one of ten finalists in the internationally recognized Telluride Troubadours contest and was named runner-up in the NewSong LEAF Singer-Songwriter Competition. He recently completed the prestigious Residency at 821 hosted by Lamplight AVL in Asheville, NC, and is currently developing an instrumental album, set to be recorded in the summer of 2024. His debut album, Door Within a Dream, is set to be released in August 2024.


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